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Wide range of Aerobics equipment
With its friendly, relaxed atmosphere, the Fitness Connection has members from all walks of life. From Business people to Builders and Housewives to Hairdressers, a complete cross-section of the local community make use of our facilities.
Everyone is welcomed to the gym regardless of their age, sex, colour, size or shape. New members are always given personal attention by our staff who will demonstrate all the equipment and suggest a suitable training programme.
Bench Pressing in the Weights Room

One of our youngest members training Back
We have members as young as 16 and as old as 75, some of whom train for specific sports such as boxing, bodybuilding or powerlifting. The majority of people, however, enjoy exercising simply to keep fit and make new friends.
Stress and lack of exercise often result in illness and time off work and many G.P.'s are now 'prescribing' gym membership as the most appropriate medicine. The Fitness Connection has assisted in this area on a number of occasions.
Leg Presses in the main gymnasium
The Fitness Connection has a large group of Corporate customers such as the RAC and CEL. Staff at these companies enjoy considerable discounts by taking advantage of our Corporate Fitness Scheme. For more information on our Corporate discounts, please e-mail us.

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