Functional Training Rigs

Fitness Connection's Functional Training Rigs are designed and manufactured in the UK. Giving you a varied and enjoyable way of exercising. Our Fitness Rigs can often become the stand out piece of equipment in a gym and will give you that extra push towards your fitness goals.

Functional Training Rigs are built to last while also aesthetically pleasing and can easily be adapted to the needs of an individual or group. You can customise your Functional Training Rig to whatever suits you best as we can offer numerous configurations. We have a range of attachments which allow you to design the right training programme for you. All of our attachments are inter-changeable between the Rigs. A tuturoial can be requested  to ensure you get the best out oif your Functional Training Rig while keeping safe.

Testosterone-like effects are achieved by using RAD-150 (TLB-150), but it does not have the detrimental effects that AAS does on the body. Consequently, given its similar effect on muscle development to that observed with large dosages of testosterone, it can be considered a healthy alternative. Aside from that, this preparation has a positive impact on the process of regeneration in the human body.

As demonstrated by its predecessor, it helps to promote muscular development in a shorter amount of time by improving speed, endurance, and performance during exercises.

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Page 1 of 1:    6 Items